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June 24, 2005



As someone who is generally in favor of the death penalty, I have to say that you make a great point.

I think that the death penalty should be a last means, ultima ratio punishment. Timothy McVeigh most certainly deserved to die, and so does Bin Laden. The guy in the article, well, I generally tend to err on the side of caution, and hence, no capital punishment unless there's a really good reason.

I don't know all the facts so I'd prefer to reserve judgement. But if the DA *and* the victim's family was okay with life w/o parole, then I see no reason to override the plea and push for the death penalty. If the family specifically asked for it - that's another story.

Andrew Winters

I agree with what most of the original poster has to say. The only thing I wanted to note is that Vermont doesn't even have the death penalty. It was only the sheer circumstance that the two kidnappers drove the victim over state lines that enabled Ashcroft to get his greedy little hands on the man's life.

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