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May 20, 2004



How touching! And the elephants are not even Muslims!


Jeff Findel

mkk makes an interesting point about elephants and their religious preferences... lets all think on that for a second.

Ok, unfortunately I think you spoke too soon. The elephants are only going to be moved to another zoo in a warmer climate.

Tung Yin

At first, I would've thought that elephants -- at least, Asian elephants -- would be Hindu/Buddhist, not Muslim. But on second thought, I remember that the Hindu god Ganesh, who has the head of an elephant, ended up that way because he was being comforted by his mother in bed; when his dad came home, his dad thought that he was an adulterer and chopped his head off. When the dad realized his mistake, he went out and cut off the head of the nearest creature as a replacement for Ganesh. So maybe elephants wouldn't be too fond of that story. . . .


actually, they are not going to another zoo, they are going to a wildlife preserve. Either the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee
http://www.elephants.com/ or a very similar one in California. Thes places are much much different than zoos!

Lorena Birk

Join the petition against sending Wanda and Winky to the Columbus Zoo at Detroit Zoo's website: http://www.detroitzoo.org/critters2html
So far, there are 9,060+ signatures!

The American Zoo and Aquarium has denied Kagen's second plea to transfer Wanda and Winky to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. While the Sanctuary offers 220 acres for Asian elephants, no bullhooks, and soft aromatic mats and ground to walk on, AZA has decided to send the two arthritic elephants to the Columbus Zoo. The Columbus Zoo only has 4 acres, already has five elephants, allows bullhooks (an outdated method of control that uses intimidation and/or abuse), and hard floors. The Columbus Zoo is also a breeding facility; considering Wanda and Winky are not able to breed, they are not important to the captive elephant breeding program. AZA is more concerned about the image sending the two animals to a sanctuary will create then Wanda and Winky's physical and mental health (The Sanctuary hooked up a sound system and played vocalizations of their animals playing and interacting; Wanda and Winky were very interested and vocalized back, very loudly)

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