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March 29, 2004



While Shatner’s loopiness as Denny Crane might be fun to watch now, it’s going to be particularly grating after watching it week after week for a season, then two, then three, especially when he’s surrounded by characters who are just as goofy and loopy as he is. That’s exactly what happened with “Ally McBeal,” when Kelly took these endearingly loopy characters from the first season, played up their loopiness in season two so that they became nothing but cartoon characters and by season three, the show was irritating as hell. Denny Crane is basically just Richard Fish 30 years later. How much longer before he starts saying “bygones?” If they introduce a unisex bathroom or have characters having sex in a car wash, forget it. Unfortunately, I’ve read Kelly himself describe the spinoff as “Ally McBeal-ish” and that he intends to have the women wearing much tighter clothing, so I’m not hopeful. I suspect it will follow the pattern of so many of Kelly’s previous shows (L.A. Law, Picket Fences, Chicago Hope, McBeal, The Practice)—the first season will be very good to great, the second season will be so-so, any by the third season, he will have completely run out of ideas and the show will just suck. And there’s always a definable, jump the shark moment, too—Rosalind gets dropped down the elevator shaft, Ally has sex with the male hunk in the car wash, Eleanor’s friend turns out to be a cross-dresser who wears a nun’s habit while cutting peoples’ heads off with a knife.


I'm looking for the last episode of the Practice (week ending on the 4-4-04). I'm a huge fan and will pay for it. Thank you.



I'm looking for the last episode of the Practice (week ending on the 4-4-04). I'm a huge fan and will pay for it. Please emailto:


Thank you.


Ken Neth

Did you ever get a copy of "The Practice" ??? I may have a copy. I'll look for it if you need it.

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